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4 Things You Can do to Get Ready for Spring

Phil Myers - Thursday, June 18, 2015

We are in full swing of spring and summer is just around the corner. You probably have had a taste of what's to come in terms of outdoor living. Before it gets to hot to want to work outside take some time during these cooler months to get ready to enjoy the lovely days of summer.

Power Wash
The winter and fall months can be hard on your home and leave it covered in dirt, leaves, debris and a host of other things. A good powerwash and make your house, deck and driveway look brand new. Or at least a little bit better than before. You can rent a power washer and give your home that much needed bath.

Clean out the Gutters
Cleaning gutters are like cleaning teeth. If you don't keep them free of gunk, they will fall out. The same goes with your gutters. They were not meant to carry a load of old leaves and water. If they get to heavy they will pull away from the house and will be unable to perform the function they were created for. Gutters were meant to catch water and direct it away from the house. Gunked up gutters will just collect and pool water making your roof, and home more susceptible to water damage.

Clean and Check Windows
You windows have probably been closed for a VERY long time. Now is the time to open them up and give them a good clean. While you have them open check for any damaged areas in the window casing or window sill. The windows are another entry way for water to creep into your home and create damage. Make sure they are water tight when closed. Also take this time to air out your house and get some good energy flowing!

If it's Broke Fix it
Let's face it. Maintaining a home takes a lot of work but during the winter months no body really feels like fixing little things that can wait for spring. Well guess what? It's spring! Time to get a move on those projects that have been sitting around and waiting for you. Walk around the house and make a list of what needs to be fixed. From that list make a list of any items you need from the hardware store and go get them.

Many times it can seem more overwhelming when you look at the tasks needed for home maintaince. But by tackling each area at a time with a plan you will reap the rewards of taking care of your home over and over again.

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