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Include These 5 Things for a Safe Home

Phil Myers - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Home safety should be a top priority when building a custom home. What better time than during home construction to incorporate elements for creating a home that you can sleep well in at night as well as not worry about when you are away. Thinking about these topics right from the beginning will allow you to do some pretty cool things to ensure that your home is safe.


Here are five things that you should include for a safe home.


1. A Security System


Seems straightforward enough, right? Want a safe home? Install an alarm system. However, these days you have an opportunity to install something that can make old school alarm systems seem...well old. Instead of "alarm system" think about smart security systems. A smart security system includes HD cameras that are also outfitted with night vision. Include cameras in every room of your home that are connected to the internet so that you can download footage and be alerted on your mobile devices if there are any issues. No longer is face recognition software left only to the CIA, consumer level security systems are now outfitted with facial recognition software so that the system knows to alert you if there is something out of the ordinary or attempted tampering with the system.


2. Make it a Smart Home


A smart home is a home where you can control lighting, heating and electronics from your mobile device or computer. In addition to a fully functional security system, you can make your home safe by being able to control your home's functions from remote locations. Get notification from camera feeds directly to your phone when your child gets home from school or the housekeeper comes in to clean. No more wondering if you left the stove on by installing wi-fi appliances that you can control from your phone. Keep tabs on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms before you or a loved one walk into your home on your mobile device as well.


3. Install Lighting


Make the answer to "Is anybody home?" be a "yes" -or else seem like it- by making sure there is adequate lighting around your home. Install additional lights around the walk ways, garage and back of your home to make it less appealing to thieves and perpetrators who have money and looting on their minds. Make sure there is adequate lighting for friends and family as they make their way to your front door. Speaking of the front door, proper lighting at the front door will make it easier to see who is coming up to your entryway as well as allow you to quickly and easily find your keys when opening your door. No one likes to feel like they are in the middle of a horror movie while they are shuffling for their keys while it's dark outside. Put your exterior lights on a timer, purchase motion sensor lighting, or make them controllable from your phone so that you don't have to worry about the dark.


4. Add Layers


Even though it's winter we aren't talking about layers of clothing, we are talking about layers of protection to your home. Good Morning America's housing contributor and Wall Street Journal editor Wendy Bounds suggests that you make it superbly uncomfortable for burglars to enter you home by adding layers in between your home and the robber. Add thorny (but nice looking) bushes around your home. Keep them trimmed at three feet so that burglars can't hide behind them. Close your blinds when you aren't home so that nosy thieves can't peruse possible treasures for the taking. If they do get so bold to try and break in make sure that you're glass is super tough or shatter-proof in order to create another barrier. Many security systems will go off if they sense that the windows or doors are being tampered with.


5. Ocean's Eleven It


Do you remember the movie "Oceans Eleven"? In the film the protagonists had to go through several layers and extreme feats to steal the money of a Las Vegas Casino owner. Think about things from the perspective of the burglar. If they end up finding a way to get past everything and into your home, consider what it would take to keep your valuables safe from harm. Think about installing a fake wall and hiding your most prized possessions there. Purchase a safe for your version of the crowned jewels and store it in an unlikely place to be found. Make sure that you keep a record of serial numbers and other information as well as video recordings to give to the police in the unfortunate scenario that your stuff is stolen. By playing the part  of the burglar it might uncover holes in your security and allow you to make some tweaks to your plan that even Danny Ocean couldn't break through.


Hopefully these tips helped you to create a safer home for you and your family. Thinking about building a custom home and are interested in how you can build in more safety features? We'd love to hear from you.

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