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4 Ways to Customize Your Home Around Your Lifestyle

Phil Myers - Monday, January 11, 2016

How would you describe your current life style?

Do you have a young and active family that is always toting around sporting equipment? Do you have animals that you swear are part of your family? Maybe you LOVE to throw parties and entertain friends and family. Perhaps the environment is of utmost importance to you as you live your life.


Your lifestyle is a reflection of who you are and the values that are important to you. Our values are expressed in all parts of our lives from the way we dress, the car we drive, who we share our life with and what we spend our money on.


One of the most important places that reflect our lifestyle values is where we live. Your home is probably one of the biggest reflections of who you are. When you invite people into your home you are inviting them into the expression of who you are. Your home is your opportunity to share what is important to you because it's where you live EVERY DAY.


Having an opportunity to build a custom home is a wonderful thing. You have a chance to craft a home from the ground up that reflects the values that you hold dear. Here are  four ways that you can customize your home around your lifestyle.


1. The Layout


Did you know the layout of your home can play a huge part in supporting your lifestyle? Think about it. Maybe you have a family full of school aged kids who are starting to develop their own friends, get involved with activities and create a social life. Your home may need to not just accommodate your growing kids, but their friends as well. What do kids need a lot of during this phase in life?




If you have kids this age you know that they are always hungry and love having their friends over. Think about a layout that is conducive to entertaining. An open plan where the kitchen and living spaces flow easily into one another will be incredibly inviting not only for your kids' friends but for yours as well.  


To think of it, some grown ups love eating and having friends over as well.


Perhaps you have something more formal in mind when entertaining guests. Your layout might include a formal dining and living area where guests can truly enjoy each other's company through conversation without the distraction of media that is usually present in less formal rooms of the house.


2. The Outdoors


Does your lifestyle revel in being outdoors? Whether it's entertaining or just enjoying time alone in your garden, your favorite place is where the sun shines. If this type of lifestyle describes you then there are many options to create a custom home to fit your way of life. Include sliding doors that can completely open up to the backyard creating an open flow between the indoors and outdoors. Create an outdoor living space complete with a T.V., comfortable furniture, a kitchen and surround sound to enjoy during the warmer months of the year. Incorporate a fireplace and you can extend your outdoor enjoyment for a few more months of the year.

Allow for plenty of space on the plot of land that you choose for your custom home to accommodate a sprawling garden, trees, and a patio to support your love of the outdoors.

3. The Environment


If keeping your carbon footprint low is of the utmost importance to you building a green home with a geothermal system, repurposed materials and energy efficient appliances can be your way of benefiting your lifestyle values through your custom home. If this is your type of home, you are already aware of the many benefits to the environment when building green. In addition, you will save money in your monthly living costs and allow you to support causes that are important to you and your family as well because of your savings. In addition, every time you have friends and family to your home you are literally opening the door to discussions that are important to you as a person.


4. Your Hobbies


Work and no play makes for a boring life in many ways. If your hobbies are an integral part of your lifestyle, your home can be a beacon in helping you maintain your interests or even take them to the next level! Wine connoisseur? Take advantage of your basement and build an amazing wine cellar and wine tasting room to enjoy with your friends. Do you absolutely love creating music? A customized studio with sound proof walls, recording equipment and a dedicated room for recording vocals will keep you creative day in and day out. 

Your home is a reflection of what is paramount to you. Building a custom home that honors you lifestyle will allow you to live in a way that you can invite others into experiencing the things that are most important to you. Want to learn more about what it takes to build a custom home? Great! We have a free e-book for you.


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